Japanese sake and creative Japanese food

We are a sake and kaiseki restaurant. We are only a 5 minute walk from Ebisu station. We are a modern Japanese-style restaurant. Along with regular tables and a counter, we also offer a couple seat and private room. Our restaurant serves 100 different kinds of sake. We also have seasonal sake and some rare sake too. Our manager is a sake sommelier who has experience working in famous restaurants in New York and Azabu-juban in Japan. He knows all of the in-and-outs of Ebisu. Our head chef is a master in medicinal cooking, a type of cooking style that is tailored to a person’s health. His dishes are not only Japanese-style, he also mixes in his experience in working with Italian and French cuisines. So they are a blend of Japanese and Western styles. In order to enjoy lots of different kinds of foods, our dishes are served in small portions. Our food and drinks are served in high quality dishes, as we are very particular about quality over quantity. Our menu is available in English and Japanese and Chinese. Foreigner-friendly restaurant. It’s good for a person who wants to eat out at a stylish and gorgeous place.

multilingual menu available / 有華語菜單 / 有中文菜単 / point-and-speak [English / 華語 / 中文 / hangug]

[Creative Japanese food]

Appetizer/Sashimi/Steamed food/Cooked/Broiled/Deep Fried/Pickles/Rice Dishes/Soup…

[Japanese sake]

more than 100 kinds of sake / 有100種日本清酒

[Recommend Appetizer]

Five Appetizers of chef's choice.

[Recommend Sashimi]

Oily Tuna. rich meat scraped from the bones.

[Recommend Grilled]

Roasted venison.

[Recommend Grilled]

Chicken and Cheese Sukiyaki.

[Recommend Deep-Fried]

Deep-fried prawn wrapped with Kataifi.

[Recommend Rice Dishes]

Rice Topped with Sea-urchin and Salmon Roe and Caviar and Raw Egg.


We have 30 seats. Stylish space, Comfortable space, Couples seats, Counter, Tatami seats and private dining rooms.(for 4 people)


In the present day, kaiseki is a type of art form that balances the taste, texture, appearance, and colors of food.To this end, only fresh seasonal ingredients are used and are prepared in ways that aim to enhance their flavor. Local ingredients are often included as well.Finished dishes are carefully presented on plates that are chosen to enhance both the appearance and the seasonal theme of the meal. Dishes are beautifully arranged and garnished, often with real leaves and flowers, as well as edible garnishes designed to resemble natural plants and animals.

Appetizer/Sashimi/Steamed food/Cooked/Broiled/Deep Fried/Pickles/Rice Dishes/Soup…


Tofu of the saltiness. 380
The Japanese-style soup stock of eggplant and the ginger flavor.480
The fruit tomato which is pickled to soup stock.480
Smoked Egg.480
Thick Japanese Omelet Made with stock.580
Pufferfish in Savory Jelly..580
Potato salad of the mayonnaise of the sea urchin flavor.580
Chopped sweet shrimp with miso and plum flavor.580
Sushi of the highest grade venison.580
Five Appetizers of chef's choice.1280


Seafood Carpaccio.880
Oily Tuna. rich meat scraped from the bones.980


Seafood Savory Steamed Custard.580
Boiled Asari clam with Sake soup.580

-Hot pot-

Chicken and Cheese Sukiyaki. 1380
Additional topping:Chiken and Tofu.680
Additional topping:Assorted vegetable and Udon noodle.580


Grilled shell with herb butter.580
Grilled Chicken Skewer. 580
Beef steak with wasabi sauce.680
Roasted venison.880

-Deep Fried-

Deep-fried shrinp cake.480
Deep-fried Mozzarella cheese.580
Deep-fried Fish-paste Cylinders in Seaweed-flavored Batter.580
Deep-fried pork belly.580
Deep-fried Chicken with spicy tomato sauce.680
Deep-fried prawn wrapped with Kataifi.680


Stewed pork with spicy grass.580
Boiled-fish in Solt and Sake.680
Simmered Giblets.680


Three kinds of Japanese pickles.480
Snack of the Japanese Sake.480
Combination of smoked pickles and cream cheese.580


First Stock Made with Dried Kelp and Dried Bonito Shavings.380
Soup Made with Dark-red Miso.380

-Rice Dishes-

Chef's choice Japanese style pasta.780
Miso-like Paste inside Crab Shells and Squid Ink Spicy Curry.780
Rice Topped with Sea-urchin and Salmon Roe and Caviar and Raw Egg.980


Sherbet of the day.380
Salt taste Creme Brulee.380

Dinner Course

We are preparing our popular menu and a course with the seasonal ingredients. It's recommended to the person who came to our restuarant for the first time by all means.The number is limited, so We are recommend you preliminary reservation.


[Seasonal Multicourse Style]3980
Five Appetizers of chef's choice.
Today's Sashimi.
Seafood Savory Steamed Custard.
Grilled Chicken Skewer.
Deep-fried pork belly.
Chef's choice Japanese style pasta.
Sherbet of the day.


[Top-quality Multicourse Style]4980
Five Appetizers of chef's choice.
Today's Sashimi.
Seafood Savory Steamed Custard.
Beef steak with wasabi sauce.
Deep-fried prawn wrapped with Kataifi.
Simmered Giblets.
Sushi of the highest grade venison.
First Stock Made with Dried Kelp and Dried Bonito Shavings.
Sherbet of the day.


[Sukiyaki Multicourse Style]5980
Five Appetizers of chef's choice.
Today's Sashimi.
Seafood Savory Steamed Custard.
Chicken and Cheese Sukiyaki.
Deep-fried prawn wrapped with Kataifi.
Stewed pork with spicy grass.
Rice Topped with Sea-urchin and Salmon Roe and Caviar and Raw Egg.
First Stock Made with Dried Kelp and Dried Bonito Shavings.
Sherbet of the day.

Japanese Sake

In the Japanese language, the word "sake" (酒, "liquor", also pronounced shu) can refer to any alcoholic drink, while the beverage called "sake" in English is usually termed nihonshu (日本酒, "Japanese liquor"). Under Japanese liquor laws, sake is labelled with the word seishu (清酒, "clear liquor"), a synonym less commonly used in conversation. In Japan, where it is the national beverage, sake is often served with special ceremony. gently warmed in a small earthenware or porcelain bottle called a tokkuri, and sipped from a small porcelain cup called a SAKAZUKI.

~北海道 - Hokkaido~

國稀(くにまれ)- Kunimare

~青森県 - Aomori~

喜久泉(きくいずみ) - Kikuizumi

豊盃(ほうはい) - Hohai

田酒(でんしゅ) - Denshu

~岩手県 - Iwate~

あさ開(あさびらき) - Asabiraki

赤武(あかぶ) - Aakabu

~宮城県 - Miyagi~

日高見(ひだかみ) - Hidakami

萩の鶴(はぎのつる) - Haginotsuru

鳳陽(ほうよう) - Hoyo

~秋田県 - Akita~

栗林(りつりん) - Ritsurin

一白水成(いっぱくすいせい) - Ippakusuisei

ゆきの美人(ゆきのびじん) - Yukinobijin

山本(やまもと) - Yamamoto

新政(あらまさ) - Aramasa

~山形県 - Yamagata~

山形正宗(やまがたまさむね) - Yamagata Masamune

楯野川(たてのがわ) - Tatenogawa

出羽桜(でわざくら) - Dewazakura

上喜元(じょうきげん) - Jokigen

十四代(じゅうよんだい) - Juyondai

~福島県 - Fukushima~

ぷちぷち・スパークリング - Puchipuchi

末廣(すえひろ) - Suehiro

口万(ろまん) - Roman

写楽(しゃらく) - Sharaku

飛露喜(ひろき) - Hiroki

~茨木県 - Ibaragi~

来福(らいふく・梨酒) - Raihuku

愛友(あいゆう) - Aiyu

~栃木県 - Tochigi~

姿(すがた) - Sugata

仙禽(せんきん) - Senkin

大那(だいな) - Daina

若駒(わかこま) - Wakakoma

鳳凰美田(ほうおうびでん・梅酒) - Houohbiden

鳳凰美田(ほうおうびでん・完熟もも) - Houohbiden

鳳凰美田(ほうおうびでん) - Houohbiden

~群馬県 - Gunma~

水芭蕉(みずばしょう・スパークリング) - Mizubasho

~埼玉県 - Saitama~

鏡山(かがみやま) - Kagamiyama

花陽浴(はなあび) - Hanaabi

~千葉県 - Chiba~

銚子の誉(ちょうしのほまれ) - Tyoshinohomare

~東京都 - Tokyo~

屋守(おくのかみ) - Okunokami

~神奈川県 - Kanagawa~

天青(てんせい) - Tensei

残草蓬莱(ざるそうほうらい) - Zarusohorai

~新潟県 - Nigata~

麒麟山(きりんざん) - Kirinzan

越の景虎(こしのかげとら) - Koshinokagetora

緑川(みどりかわ) - Midorikawa

高千代(たかちよ) - Takachiyo

山間(やんま) - Yanma

~富山県 - Toyama~

勝駒(かちこま) - Kachikoma

~石川県 - Ishikawa~

菊姫(きくひめ) - Kikuhime

奥能登の白菊(おくのとのしらぎく) - Okunotonoshiragiku

宗玄(そうげん) - Sogen

手取川(てどりがわ) - Tedorikawa

~福井県 - Fukui~

黒龍(こくりゅう) - Kokuryu

一本義(いっぽんぎ) - Ippongi

花垣(はながき) - Hanagaki

~山梨県 - Yamanashi~

七賢(しちけん・スパークリング) - Shichiken

~長野県 - Nagano~

澤の花(さわのはな) - Sawanohana

ボー・ミッシェル - Beau Michelle

明鏡止水(めいきょうしすい) - Meikyoshisui

~岐阜県 - Gifu~

射美(いび) - Ibi

三千盛(みちさかり) - Michisakari

~静岡県 - Shizuoka~

白隠正宗(はくいんまさむね) - Hakuin Masamune

中屋(なかや) - Nakaya

磯自慢(いそじまん) - Isojiman

~愛知県 - Aichi~

義侠(ぎきょう) - Gikyo

醸し人九平次(かもしびとくへいじ) - Kamoshibitokuheji

~三重県 - Mie~

宮の雪(みやのゆき) - Miyanoyuki

而今(じこん) - Jikon

~滋賀県 - Shiga~

七本槍(しちほんやり) - Shichihonyari

~京都府 - Kyoto~

月の桂(つきのかつら) - Tsukinokatsura

澤屋まつもと(さわやまつもと) - Sawayamatsumoto

~大阪府 - Osaka~

呉春(ごしゅん) - Goshun

~兵庫県 - Hyogo~

濁濁にごり(だくだくにごり・梅酒) - Dakudakunigori

龍力(たつりき) - Tatsuriki

琥泉(こせん) - Kosen

仙介(せんすけ) - Sensuke

~奈良県 - Nara~

青短(あおたん・柚子酒) - Aotan

ヨーグルよーぐる(ヨーグルト酒) - Yoguru Yoguru

みむろ杉(みむろすぎ) - Mimurosugi

~和歌山県 - Wakayama~

鶴梅べびぃ(つるうめ・ノンアルコール) - Tsuruume baby

紀土(きっど) - Kid

紀土(きっど・スパークリング) - Kid

~鳥取県 - Tottori~

千代むすび(ちよむすび) - Chiyomusubi

~島根県 - Shimane~

KAKEYA(かけや) - Kakeya

~岡山県 - Okayama~

大正の鶴(たいしょうのつる) - Taishonotsuru

~広島県 - Hiroshima~

賀茂金秀(かもきんしゅう) - Kamokinshu

温州みかん(うんしゅう・みかん酒) - Unshumikan

~山口県 - Yamaguchi~

貴(たか) - Taka

雁木(がんぎ) - Gangi

雁木(がんぎ・スパークリング) - Gangi

獺祭(だっさい) - Dassai

~徳島県 - Tokushima~

鳴門鯛(なるとたい) - Narutotai

~香川県 - Kagawa~

讃岐くらうでぃ(さぬきくらうでぃ) - Sanuki Cloudy

~高知県 - Kochi~

南(みなみ) - Minami

~愛媛県 - Ehime~

賀儀屋(かぎや) - Kagiya

石鎚(いしづち) - Ishizuchi

~福岡県 - Fukuoka~

若波(わかなみ・スパークリング) - Wakanami

庭のうぐいす(にわのうぐいす) - Niwanouguisu

~佐賀県 - Saga~

七田(しちだ) - Shichida

鍋島(なべしま) - Nabeshima

~長崎県 - Nagasaki~

福田(ふくだ) - Fukuda

~熊本県 - Kumamoto~

花の香(はなのか) - Hananoka

~大分県 - Oita~

ちえびじん - Chiebijin

~宮崎県 - Miyazaki~

千徳(せんとく) - Sentoku

~鹿児島県 - Kagoshima~

薩州正宗(さっしゅうまさむね) - Sasshu Masamune

~沖縄県 - Okinawa~

黎明(れいめい) - Reimei

Access Map

5 minute walk from Ebisu station

Multilingual menu available

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Our Address

4-27-7 Ebisu Shibuya-ku Tokyo

S:vort 1F


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Sun-Wed. 5 pm to 1 am.

Tue-Sat. 5 pm to 4 am.